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Re: [opensuse] Re: Btrfs: Error Upon Installation
On 11/07/2014 08:12 AM, Sam M. wrote:
After the btrfs install failed, I couldn't import mount points in YaST
as that failed. I had to go into expert partitioner, and YaST wanted
to create another 2 partitions in what looked like what was free on my
sda4 partition. I deleted those entries and now I'm all back up and
running on EXT4 and everything is great. I don't mind using btrfs if I
can get past the error.

How did you get "back up and running"?
How did you rebuild your seemingly corrupted root?

My setup is much simpler

# Start End Size Type Name
1 34 3906250 1.9G EFI System primary
2 3907584 15624191 5.6G Microsoft basic primary
3 15624192 1953523711 924.1G Linux LVM primary

and then everything lives in the LVM

# lvscan -v
ACTIVE '/dev/vgmain/vDocuments' [5.00 GiB] inherit
ACTIVE '/dev/vgmain/vDownloads' [5.00 GiB] inherit
ACTIVE '/dev/vgmain/vROOT' [20.00 GiB] inherit
ACTIVE '/dev/vgmain/vMail' [5.00 GiB] inherit
ACTIVE '/dev/vgmain/vMusic' [10.00 GiB] inherit
ACTIVE '/dev/vgmain/vImages' [5.00 GiB] inherit
ACTIVE '/dev/vgmain/vSRV' [5.00 GiB] inherit
ACTIVE '/dev/vgmain/vTMP' [10.00 GiB] inherit
ACTIVE '/dev/vgmain/vUsrShare' [5.00 GiB] inherit
ACTIVE '/dev/vgmain/vHome' [8.00 GiB] inherit
ACTIVE '/dev/vgmain/VirtualBox' [30.00 GiB] inherit

# pvscan -v
PV /dev/sda3 VG vgmain lvm2 [924.06 GiB / 776.06 GiB free]

As you see, I have the same size disk as you, but LVM gives me the
ability to partition it with more granularity. Those are a mix of BtrFS
and ReiserFS. You can tell i like btrees. Most of those partitions
live under ~anton/. Using LVM I can take snapshots, which makes backing
up much simpler. Having /tmp on a separate partition is a preventative
control against (1) link bug security problems and (2) to limit resource
consumption by any runaway process. Yes, (1) has been fixed but could
recur. And (2) can always recur. Having BtrFS as one global FS is not
the best idea I've heard of this century.

Yes, the root FS fits on a 20G drive if you move /tmp and /usr/share and
/tmp off it. Strictly speaking it will fit on a 10G FS.
# df -h /
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/vgmain-vROOT 20G 8.3G 11G 45% /

Provided, that is, you use ReiserFS or BtrFS. Ext3/4 you might meet
inode exhaustions while data space is still available.

The 5G partitions (or not filled 8G) fir on a DVD for easy backup.
Realistically, ~anton/ fits because I don't backup the various 'cache'
files that live there.
A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

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