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Re: [opensuse] Getting rid of systemd and putting sysv back
On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 04:59:31PM -0400, Anton Aylward wrote:
On 09/25/2014 04:05 PM, michael norman wrote:

Among quite a few other from about that time.
Yes, it was a time of ranting mad-men who held great political power,
the world over.

OT but the technique still works.

Sad but true. Despite better informed and more sceptical media, despite
the Internet and and despite debunkers, there are still, at all levels
of society, throughout the world, those espousing nonsense and those who
would rather believe than than approach things rationally.

I recall in the 1960/70s there was Eric von Daniken and the cloud of
belief in "Ancient Spacemen" to explain away the pyramids and other
great historic works. How insulting this was to our ancestors. But
while it's easy to speculate, disproving such takes work, and that work
*has* been done. Palaeolithic re-enactors have raised menhirs and
archaeology have uncovered the living quarters and quartermasters
records of the workers who built the pyramids. It takes no budget to
write unfounded fiction, but a lot of time, effort and hence budget to
do serious, documented, methodical archaeological work.

Really, that is quite a rant having zero to do with any topic.

But just as with systemd, there are those who refuse to face evidence

No, that is not a rational resposonse. The problems with systemd are
deep and multiple and have beeen discusseded and can be rehashed. But
it is not a "fiction" that systemd has absorbed a large number of
segments of the gnu system and has broken compatability with said
systems as well.

The fiction is that there is a need to replace the init system at all,
and it can take all day and all night to go through the rationality for
even needed to replace it at all, let alone allow monolithic behemoth
take over everything from getty processes, login programs, serial port
emulators, logging systems, fs system mounting, device recognition and
kernel module loading, X11 startup and logging, initiation of databases,
webserver, programming environemts including cores...and this might just
be the tip of the iceberg. It is a damn nightmare, really. Then on top
of that, it is evidently written like such pure crap that Linus had to
run its developers off the kernal mailing list.

Its not a refusal to face 'evidence'. It is being dead set against ONE
PROGRAM being resonsible for so many different aspects of the systems
operation, and making the system so damn hard to understand, alter and
to use.

I couldn't give a damn if this systemd was laced with pure gold and
blessed by Barrack Obama himself. I don't WANT this thing running my
computer, which is what it does and which is a LONG WAY from an
innovation or a replacement for sysVinit. Taking the vast majority of
system controls and cludging them all together as a single monolithic
program is not "New" or "innovative". It just SUCKS and it is why I
dumped other OSs previously.

I want a simple, easy to access computer system that I can bend to my
will. I want files that I can read and understand. I want
configuration and initiation of services and program to be according to
the design of the developers of those programs, according to their
manuals. There is no argument you can make in favor of this peice of
garbage other than to get rid of it. It's design is a power grab over
the OS.

and deny those who have put the time and effort into design, coding
testing, re-design, metricating AND DOCUMENTING each stage of that.

Don't do then because I don't like the jail you built. BTW - this is
not a great morality play between fair minded systemd authors and the
ignorant superstitous masses. This is a plain old fashion power grab.
There is no logical reason for this design other than to centralize
control of the future design of the GNU based OSs of the future by
reducing the numbers of contributors to the system and making them
comply with the developers of systemd.

This is a HUMAN problem. Not a technological one.

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that Brooklyn, like Atlantis, reaches mythological
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