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Re: [opensuse] I can't update Avira antivir - is it me?
On 09/14/2014 04:24 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
That [13] points here:


With its powerful Antivirus solutions, Avira is especially able to
meet the needs of the consumer and micro/small business markets.
Today, these fields almost exclusively rely upon Windows or Mac
operating systems. By comparison, Linux installations have been
declining steadily for years.

I suppose that you _could_, if you squint hard enough, if you rely on
statistics coming from a firm paid to do its "polling" by Microsoft,
come to that conclusion. The less biased news sources indicate that
business is moving towards "portable computing" and desktops are slowing
if not stagnant. The area Linux is dominating in is, and has been for a
while, that of servers. Even the Big Iron forms like IBM and HP, and
that other giant Oracle, are all using Linux or some variant for their
servers now.

Many places might still have Windows on the desktop, but the large banks
and telcos I've dealt with this last decade have found that
scaling/licensing Windows Server can't compete with one powerful HP or
IBM multiprocessor running SAMBA+LDAP under some UNIX variant as the hub
for managing accounts, dealing with 'roving shares' etc. More to the
point, such arrangements also allow the same accounts to be accessed
from Linux devices with NFS mounts of /home/<user>. I'm told, though
have not seen, that there is some kind of similar capability for access
of the same using Android tablets and phones, at least to make use of
things like calendering, reading documents and the web-enabled
applications. That seems believable.

If the Avira article said that they were giving up on Linux in favour of
Android and iOS, then I might believe there is a good business case.
Giving up on Linux Server, not least of all since so many Linux servers
are really the hub for Windows desktops, seems misguided.

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