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Re: [opensuse] Back-lit keyboard recommendations?
Hi Carlos,

On 30/03/14 22:53, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2014-03-30 12:35, Hylton Conacher (ZR1HPC) wrote:
1. Has back-lit keys as I work in a low light environment

I bought a Zalman ZM-KK400G, designed for gaming, and backlighted.

I had to discard it. The "ink" on the keys is too dark to see easily on
room light, unless it is strong. So you use the backlight, right?

The model I identified (K740) from Logitech has backlit keys and seems no paint i.e. the letter is carved out of the key and the vacant space then backlit to make the letter you are making it easier to see.

the lighting on the keys at the back rows is too dark, so unless the
room is really dark you do not see them either.

The K740 doesn't have a keyboard back-light, each key has its own light!

So under normal room light the labels on the keys are close to
invisible. I'm almost a touch typist, but... well, "almost" is not "fully".

One day I might disassemble it to find out if I can increase the
backlight intensity. Perhaps the back row is disconnected or misaligned.
But I disassembled recently another keyboard (water fell on it, I was
attempting to dry it out internally), and half the keys do not work
anymore. So I'm not too confident on repairing keyboards anymore.

I bought a different keyboard instead... mechanical, and no backlight. A
"Tt esports by Thermaltake". It is good, touch is good and reliable. Has
two handy USB socket on the back, and for earphones and microphone. The
labels are bright white... but even after just a month or two of use,
some of the labels degraded to grey. This is absurd, in an expensive
keyboard the paint should not be paint, but thick white plastic at least
a millimetre or two in thickness, so that it does not wear out till
years of use.

I can not win.

Try a proper backlit keyboard and you will be smiling
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