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Re: [opensuse] Back-lit keyboard recommendations?
On 03/30/2014 03:35 AM, Hylton Conacher (ZR1HPC) wrote:

My existing no-name corded keyboard is wearing out rather rapidly ie the key labelling has been worn off. After 5 yrs I expect nothing more from the keyboard and would like to retire it.

Whilst buying another corded PS/2\USB keyboard is on the cards I would prefer one that meets as many of these criteria:

1. Has back-lit keys as I work in a low light environment

2. A full keyboard i.e. 101/4 keys
Including 12 F keys
Arrow keys
Key cluster incl. Insert,Delete, Home, End, PageUp and PageDwn.

3. Fairly silent would be nice

4.Used on OpenSuse 11.2, a Windows key can me Tux styled or vacant.

I have searched Amazon and Google for keyboards that have back-lit keys and not just backlit backgrounds. Many look ideal but in further investigation they are strictly Windows gaming keyboards.

I have also visited
<> and searching for lit gave me no keyboard entries :(

Can anyone on the list make a suggestion from experience with regard to a particular unit or preferred manufacturer?

Hi Hylton,

I've been using computer keyboards of one sort or another since 1966
and by far the best one I've seen is the one I'm using now.

Logitech "Illuminated Keyboard", part number 820-001268.

I've had this keyboard for a few years now and it's still in excellent
condition. But I've been a bit worried lately if I'd be able to replace
it if necessary, so I checked on-line. It's still available and I just
purchased another one from Amazon for $56.99 US. I'll keep it
on the shelf "just in case".

It's a beautiful black "themed" keyboard with a low profile. The greatest
thickness is only 1/2 inch, but the keys have excellent "throw" and good
tactile feedback. It feels better than any laptop keyboard I've ever seen,
and feels better than conventional thick keyboards too, come to think
about it.

The lettering is back-lit with a white color, while the "FN" labels on the "F"
keys is a light orange. I've used this keyboard a LOT, and while the nibs
on the F and J keys have worn down, the lettering on the keys is still
perfect. I don't know how they do it. It's survived light fluid splattering
and crumb/dust accumulations. Every now and again I'll tap it upside
down to shake out the crumbs. It's a USB board, and I don't know for
sure if the back-lit feature will work with a USB/PS-2 adapter.

It has a Windows key that I've never used or mapped.

Logitech certainly has other thin back-lit keyboards, but I know for
sure that this one is a winner.


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