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Re: [opensuse] zypper update -d undocumented feature?
On 2014-03-30 20:26, jdebert wrote:
Prefer to use zypper for updates, as yast is much too interactive
and slower, and I like to defer installs until I have time to watch the

However, a couple times I've got a message after everything was
downloaded about files in use being deleted during downloads, typically
when drpms are being downloaded. zypper ps confirms that files in use
were deleted.

It's not documented in the manpage or other docs I've found but it
appears that "download-only" switch for update does not always download
only. For example, drpms are never only downloaded.

I'm wondering if there's another switch to tell zypper that,
"Yes, I Am Absolutely Certain I Want To Only Download And Not Install Or
Delete Any Files At All Positively And Definitely So Don't Assume I Want
Any Files Deleted Or Ask Again And By The Way, Only Download DRPMS. Do
Nothing Else."

You have a few misunderstandings here.

drpms are downloaded, then they are converted to the full rpm locally
(instead of downloading the full rpm), but they are not installed
because you used "-d".

The message about deleted files is normal and expected, nothing is
wrong. It is actually a Unix/Linux feature.

What the message means is that, because of the update, some files were
"changed". This means that the old version is deleted, and a new one is
created, perhaps with the same name.

But, and this is the Linux feature I talk about, when a file is deleted
while it is still in use, the file is not actually deleted. The
directory entry is updated and refers to the new file, if any, but the
program that was using the now deleted file still has pointers and data
to the old, deleted file, and continues to use it. Only when that
program restarts, or closes/open that file, is the file actually deleted.

Any other program that tries to access the old, deleted file, while it
is still there, accesses the new file.

An no, you can not tell zypper not to delete those files, absolutely
not. _You_ told zypper to go ahead and delete those things. No deletion,
no update is possible. You do not want those deletions to happen, then
do not update, period.


The only way to avoid this would be to stop the system completely, and
do the updates from a live CD instead, applied on the hard disk.

Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
(from 13.1 x86_64 "Bottle" at Telcontar)

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