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Re: [opensuse] Re: Post to opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx denied---stupid rules R US

On Sun, 23 Mar 2014, Carlos E. R. wrote:
On 2014-03-23 05:01, David Haller wrote:
On Sun, 23 Mar 2014, Carlos E. R. wrote:
As for my preferences, I would use nntp instead, not email, nor

What's the difference as you're using Thunderbird/Seamonkey for mail?
What do you use for NNTP?

No, I mean that IMO the best group communication method would be nntp,
not email, because it does not require subscribing.

Well, you need to subscribe to the groups you want to read ;)

You can not get full mail boxes,

But a full news-spool. Esp. if you do it like I do:

$ ls -Ald /var/spool/news /data/spool/news
drwsr-xr-x 20 news news 552 Mar 20 23:35 /data/spool/news/
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 16 Feb 23 2012 /var/spool/news -> /data/spool/news/
$ grep news /proc/mounts
/dev/loop0 /data/spool/news reiserfs rw,acl,user_xattr,barrier=flush 0 0
$ df -Th
/dev/loop0 reiserfs 8.0G 789M 7.3G 10% /data/spool/news

and you can go back in history and
see posts written years ago, way before you "subscribe". and various others have archives. lists.o.o
back to the very first mails in suse-linux{,-en}@suse.{de,com} (or
what was used then as domain).

But it is not a popular method nowdays. Maybe it has disadvantages, re
abuse. Maybe higher server load. Dunno.

Well, I think the load is higher with mail. And, as said, the MLs are
piped to usenet via gmane (search for gmane.suse.*) and you can post
via gmane.

The forums here do have an nntp gateway, so I actually participate in
the openSUSE forums using nntp, and this is wonderful.

(with leafnode in the mix)

See above ;) That's also leafnode.

On the other paw, that, where I do want me to be allowed to

Paw? Are you a kzin? :-)

Nah. If I imagine myself as anything, it's as Panthera tigris altaica.


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