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[opensuse] Re: Moving / and /boot partitions
Felix Miata wrote:
You've made a (passive) choice to use Grub2 now (by not choosing a non-default bootloader). Grub2 is an operating system unto itself, magnitudes more complicated that BIOS compatible boot code that boots DOS, WinDOS and OS/2 (and Grub & Gru2 if compatibly installed; anything installed to a primary partition on HD0 and having a boot flag set to its partition alone), and far more complicated than Grub Legacy. 13.1 does still offer you the option to choose a bootloader simpler than Grub2.

Hey -- notice I DIDN'T tell people about the benefits of lilo --
and how it still boots 13.1 from hard disk _without_ an initrd??

People want all this new fancy stuff... and then wonder why their
system becomes unmaintainable....

I see far too many changes going into OSuse far too fast with inadequate
testing and I know compat with previous versions and standards is
being tossed out the window... The directive of "new is better", seems
to be dominating all else these days..

Problem is that if we are not sold on "new is better", then we won't
fuel our consumer-dependent economy. About a decade ago there was a shift
from the US *making things*, to being a "service oriented" economy...
but to have that, you have to have people with money willing to buy
everything as a disposable service so you can keep reselling to them.

It's a capitalist's dream to have what the people keep buying, but if
they think they are satisfied buying slows down and then it becomes the
capitalist's nightmare.

Meanwhile... in othernews, (from a little bit into the future...)
Firefox 278.00 was released compete with Chrome 300. Meanwhile
users of IE6 were still complaining about broken webites...

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