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Re: [opensuse] Re: Post to opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx denied---stupid rules R US
On 22/03/14 07:56 PM, Linda Walsh wrote:

FWIW, why doesn't suse allow html formatting and attachments -- you'd
think they were stuck in the 80's. here we are over 20 years past the
introduction and usage of html-email, and we're still stuck with a
pre-1990 (25 y/o)
text interface... Really makes you want to go out and load suse on
your color graphics iphone or android touch device...

Security and integrity and differentiation from the mess of marketing.

Any interface which allows faked embedded links to malware, hiding the real destination from the user, is fundamentally flawed.

Not all of us are paranoid enough to read *all* mail as text. The enhanced display you ask for intrinsically hides such things. Anyone can contribute to this list; registration is only required to be on distribution.

Yes, moving to a closed/restricted support such as yahoogroups or Googlegroups would also limit who can post. Perhaps such a policy needs to be considered, but the value-add or receiving HTML mail over plain text is a dubious one. What value does colour and juggling fonts have in our context? What value does hiding/embedding links have ove making them explicit and readable?

Sorry, I have to wish to become part of a "Kiddies with Crayons" movement or to invite obscurity and malware.

I don't think the restrictions on what can be posted are stupid.
I don't want to receive attachments that I'm not interested in opening/viewing. Why waste bandwidth; put it in some kind of dropbox.
That way only the people who are interested need access it. You are not forcing it upon the unwilling and the uninterested.

I would consider such changes, to be highly unsociable and childish.
Nothing to do with text-only being archaic, everything to do with it being appropriate for this context.

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