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[opensuse] Re: Post to opensuse@xxxxxxxxxxxx denied---stupid rules R US
Carlos E. R. wrote:
I don't call bouncing emails "working fine"... but you may have a
different definition...

Arguably, that is your fault >:-)
How is it my fault? It's OpenSuSE's SW, that is misconfigured.

A user tried to cut and paste and post here, and OpenSuse's email
SW sent it in plain text and HTML.

That's the first point I made. The user didn't "choose" to send
to parts, they simply used OpenSuse Software as configured and got
shot down for using the software configured for them by the people
on this list who you claim don't want HTML email. So why would they
configure the email client to send it by default?

Emails with html are intentionally rejected, as the list server could
accept them if this was wanted. No need to use googlegroups for that.
Again, you didn't read:

"Their software handles this w/o rejecting the message. -- if the list is set for text only, It will even filter HTML into text. -- not just drop
non-text mime alternative part -- which could have been done here. "

So Open suse goes out of their way to configure their software in a way
that their lists will reject it... Is that your claim?? Are you daft?

I happen to agree with that view.
It is apparent, that, _you_, need better formatted text, as
you aren't getting what I said in plaintext.

The point was the list SW could accept the plaintext version of
the message they sent, and drop the HTML version
instead of rejecting the whole message -- especially since it is this
list's membership that has provided the client being used to post.

You want googlegorups? Go ahead, you can fork the lists. The result
will be that you get fewer active people on the resulting lists,
dividing the community. We did once with one of the lists I subscribe
to, so I know.
I didn't say I wanted them. I wanted the features that can be

If you want html like features, you can use the opensuse forums, and
these are VERY active. They are very much more active than any mail
list here, so that's the future, not html mail lists.
Again, you are missing the big picture. Opensuse's forums
can't handle email. Google's SW can seamlessly blend the two so that
both groups of people -- those that want text only get text only, and
those that want to read on a forum, can do so... It automatically
translates from 1 format to the other.

Again -- the point was not so much that feature, but the ability
to selectively take the ascii version the user sent, without throwing out
the whole message.

As for my preferences, I would use nntp instead, not email, nor
forums. If you think nntp old fashioned, it does support html, as
My email functions like nntp w/r/t groups. They go into
a separate location for each group. They are auto-expired after some
period of time whether I read them or not. The difference, is that I
can control the auto-expiration period, easily, on a per-folder basis
and I can create my own streams of data -- combining or separating topics
(and that's email -- nothing to do with google groups... ).

- -- Cheers / Saludos,

Please try to understand the point I was making. There are better examples
of how to achieve the objectives you want that don't unnecessarily alienate and reject user's emails that were configured to send email, by members of this list (suse-factory) that gets sent in both formats -- yet the members of this
list won't accept that format ... You don't find that a bit hypocritical?

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