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[opensuse] Re: XFS filesystem total failure on return from hibernation.
Carlos E. R. wrote:
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Since yesterday (after an update), I have experimented twice the same
problem, on return from hibernation. XFS fails completely, lots of
kernel messages. System has to be restarted, recovery is impossible

I, as well, would suggest asking about the problem on the xfs list.

They aren't as anal about tainted kernels, & Dave Chinner goes
out of is way to look at some of these problems (along with other
xfs devels, but I think he's current lead -- not sure/ no quoting
me on that!).

But more to the point, he posted some patches for review yesterday
morning involving writes at EOF and interlock problems, that might
address or overlap your issue...

(People do direct I/O via mapping to the file past the end of
file at the same time the file is being extended... things get
tricky -- direct I/O doesn't like it's view being 'initialized to
zero' after EOF -- even though it shouldn't have been able to
map past EOF to begin with... hmmm...

Code looks really hairy... one of the other devs just wrote up an
FAQ on XFS's speculative preallocation.... next will be one on
it's precognitive-disk writing strategy... ;-)

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