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[opensuse] Re: Remote control
Carlos E. R. wrote:
"ssh -Y" gives you secure access to graphical tools, instead of
transmitting the entire desktop over internet. The problem is, of
course, you can not look at an already running GUI app.
I hadn't seen -Y mentioned until recently...

It simply circumvents the need for using the Xaccess and
security controls that normally arbitrate access to your Xserver
by telling the Xserver it is 'trusted'.

Both ways -- with or without -Y default to reseting
DISPLAY to localhost:xxxx -- an encrypted port forwarding
mechanism that is usually on by default.

You have to go out of your way to get a clear X channel to your
server & set it up manually (which is what you DO want to do on
a close network or cluster config) where your network traffic is
safe. In my case, while I could afford 2 10Gb cards, I the
routers/switches that allowed aggregation (would have equaled
the cost of 4-5 cards by itself), so I use a direct connect cable
between the two computers -- not that it is safe from the NSA, but
neither is ssh... ;-/


On the original question -- Remote Desktop software (xrdp) exists
for linux -- and, like xdmcp, it used to work -- fairly well but
doesn't work in 13.1 (I can see the login box, but apparently
it can't find a font to use -- as there is no text...


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