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Re: [opensuse] Advice needed re getting setting right for new monitor
On 21/03/14 00:04, Felix Miata wrote:
This initially smelled to me like it could well be a Plymouth failure, and thought to try disabling it. I never let it install in the first place.

But, no Grub menu? Are your vttys blank too once something does appear on screen? Have you tried disconnecting the HDMI cable? Is 2560x1440 not supposed to be possible via use of only one cable? Cards with multiple outputs have a preferred aka #1 port. It sounds like your HDMI cable is on the #1 port, and #2 does not light up until X gets into the act to notice that two outputs exist.

I wonder if you were using Grub Legacy if you would have the same problem. I see a lot of complaints about video on the Grub Help mailing list without counterparts in re Grub Legacy.

NVidia makes me crazy. I only have 3 such cards of widely varying ages, and don't use those systems much. Intel (except for the older stuff like 845G and before) and ATI for me have been a whole lot less grief.

See my earlier reply to jdd. Disconnecting the HDMI cable did the trick.

Re one point you mentioned above- HDMI does appear to only support 1920x1080. I used the HDMI cable because 13.1 was configured using HDMI on the 24" monitor and I wanted to be able to boot into 13.1 without any hassles - a wrong assumption! :-( But I also used the DVI cable to get the higher resolution and which is why the nVidia xconfig recognised both the 2560x1440 resolution as the default and the 1920x1080 as the secondary setting.

I haven't used Grub legacy since - whenever. I only use Grub2. And I have no hassles with nVidia cards - I have never used anything else EXCEPT for one MATROX card way back in the early 90s (I think I still have it sitting in the garage) and probably one other brand (?)Hercules.


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