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Re: [opensuse] Force drive ID?
El 16/03/14 00:05, James Knott escribió:
I'm trying to upgrade my system from a pair of IDE drives to a single
SATA drive, with the intention of removing the old drives when I'm
done. I'd like to have the old drives on the system, until I've copied
over everything I need. With the old drives plugged in, they always
come up as sda & sdb, with the new drive sdc. Is there any way to force
the new drive to be sda? I'm running 13.1.

tnx jk

Hi James.. nope.. the linux kernel device names are generally assigned based on the "order of discovery", for all practical purposes, you have to consider them unpredictable. (this is why udev now renames network interfaces at boot with a predictable name)

What "order of discovery" means is "implementation defined" :-), it might change across kernel versions or even depending on the kernel configuration.

It is recommended you mount the partitions by UUID.

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