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Re: [opensuse] LibreOffice : command File-Open causes program crash
[09.03.2014 16:42] [Carlos E. R.]:
On 2014-03-09 16:23, Werner Flamme wrote:
Very nice to tell us. Is it possible for you to tell us which release of
openSUSE you're using, which version of LibreOfiice and where you
installed it from?

He is using TW --> tumbleweed, which makes the question off-topic here.
He has to ask on the factory mail list.

"Zypper dup" is the documented and recommended daily update method in
tumbleweed. Other methods are not supported.

Yes, sorry, I did not not read "[TW]" as "I'm using Tumbleweed".

And "zypper dup" is recommended only if you have von other repos enabled
(as abbreviation for "zypper dup -r Tumbleweed"). And I do not find an
abbreviation for "no repos other that TW in use" in his mail.

Hm, just did a "zypper patch" on my TW laptop, it pulled all the LO
packages. After that, I updated the rest of my packages, an LO is still
running, it opens all files I feed to it. No crash till now. From the
variety of infos provided by the OP I can only guess
a) bad luck, try again tomorrow
b) repos other than openSUSE distro and Tumbleweed in use



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