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Re: [opensuse] uefi boot on asus 1225B with only openSUSE
В Sun, 09 Mar 2014 08:23:30 +0100
jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx> пишет:

Le 09/03/2014 05:44, Andrey Borzenkov a écrit :

Which likely means you are attempting legacy boot, not UEFI boot.

fact is the efi part do not want to boot, so may be it's a legacy error, but
this do not say why efi do not boot.

notice that the dvd boots perfectly through efi. In fact the bios asks for
boot the dvd with two options: efi and legacy. But no such demand for the HDD

Because normally UEFI systems do not "boot from HDD". They load and
launch EFI executable that may be located on HDD (but may be not).

It sounds like either efibootmgr fails to update boot options or your
system simply ignores everything that it does not like. There were
known cases of the latter.

Boot from EFI DVD in rescue mode and show output of "efibootmgr -v".

there is an option in the exit bios menu (?), to try booting from an efi
system file, but the computer never find it, no matter what I put in /efi

You have to specify full path to a file including device. Unless your
firmware allows you to select file via menu, it could be tricky. Do you
have option to start EFI Shell? Otherwise if your system allows booting
from USB stick, you may download EFI Shell and place it on a stick.
This would allow manually starting programs without need to know how
devices are named.

I will look to see if there is a bios update


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