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[opensuse] Re: How do I get a session when I login remotely from a X11+ssh based system?
John Andersen wrote:
On 3/6/2014 11:14 AM, Linda Walsh wrote:

Good thing no one will be working remotely or from the cloud or anything...

Well, "from the cloud" users would use SSH, which does work, and is not
all that much slower as you implied in your first post. Yes, its slower,
but its more than adequate to reach down the hall, or even across town.

Especially with compression on, given modern processors, you can decrypt
and decompress faster than dealing with the firehose of XDMCP.
Not on a 1Gb link or faster, and I am using ssh and the difference between going
through ssh vs. direct is noticeable.

I am using ssh. I don't think that has bearing on this

And BTW,one can't decrypt and decompress faster over a fast link.
File transfer w/compressed/random data shows ssh's speeds around 150-170MB/
and that's with MD4. You use a default, take that down another 20-30MB.

Using samba with all of it's Windows overhead gets in the 450-550MB/s range.

Compression creates worse problems. Not sure what ssh uses, but
the best file compressors at minimal settings do around 29MB/s, no where
near fast enough to keep up with a 1Gb link let alone a 10Gb link.

In X, the difference isn't as noticeable until you load a large
font or a page with alot of widget boxes -- usable yes, snappy &
real time..... no. I pretty much gave up on using 'Xfs' (X font server),
due to the slowness -- over ssh -- 10-15 second wait.

Even direct a third that.

But I'm trying to get GLX stuff to work which I expect to be more
bandwidth intensive.

Anyway, are you saying how I use ssh is a cause of the session problems
or the GLX problems? Or are you saying that xrdp and xdmcp work and
are tested w/cygwin-X on a Win platform some X client on a Mac?

I didn't get the impression that much heterogeneous testing was
being done -- open suse doesn't even support or test building
their own software on a fully installed development system --
instead you need to install virtual clean-rooms to do builds
in. I'd think heterogeneous environments like be rather common
in businesses and becoming more so in home environments..
...(linux servers are getting pretty common, and
windows's boxes to talk to them are not that rare either)...

You have openGL working over remote X and it works well?
Cuz I can't get it to work at all... other can't get other remote
desktop stuff to work either. I'm not the only one.

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