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Re: [opensuse] Multilingual options, for editing and web site creation
Thanks Ken,

On 14-03-05 12:17 PM, Ken Schneider - openSUSE wrote:
On 03/05/2014 12:02 PM, Ted Byers pecked at the keyboard and wrote:
Thanks Dave,

On 14-03-05 11:50 AM, Dave Howorth wrote:
Ted Byers wrote:
Is there a key combination that lets me dynamically change from one
keyboard mapping to another? And is there documentation somewhere that
tells me what that mapping is in the case where the script includes
characters and accents that do not exist on my keyboard?
You might want to look at virtual keyboards. I don't know much about
them but it seems that Florence for example can switch keymaps so you
can 'type' in Arabic for example.

Do you know if Florence is usable on KDE? Or, to use it, would I have
to switch my desktops to Gnome?



You should be able to install and run Florence. When installed all dependencies should install with it. At a CLI (as root or using sudo)

zypper in florence

will show a summary what will be done before you answer yes to the prompt.

I appreciate this. I may have to install it at some point, but finding VirtualKeyboard, which is a JavaScript product I can use with TinyMCE, allows me to create my content within Wordpress, and this makes Florence unnecessary for my immediate needs. If, in time, I need to create PDF files in different languages, I'll need to use my office suite to do my editing, and that would make use of Florence necessary; but I ain't there yet.


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