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Re: [opensuse] Multilingual options, for editing and web site creation
Thanks for this,

See inline:

On 14-03-05 02:54 AM, Per Jessen wrote:
Ted Byers wrote:

I am familiar with the notion of a code page, in creating web content,
but I could use some guidance on what is needed in order to be able to
handle multiple languages, and the peculiarities of their various
scripts, on a single machine (with a US style keyboard).
Write everything in UTF8 (assuming that will cover the languages you are
interested in), and change your keyboard mapping according to which
language you're writing. With Arabic, you may have a directional
issue, afaik, Arabic is written right-to-left.
Is there a key combination that lets me dynamically change from one keyboard mapping to another? And is there documentation somewhere that tells me what that mapping is in the case where the script includes characters and accents that do not exist on my keyboard?
As the intent is to eventually post my content on
the web (via my own server), the traditional word processor, such as
M$ Word, may not be appropriate (the last time I looked, the HTML that
M$ Word produced was horrible and very inefficient, although that was
a while ago, so maybe such products have improved).
Any editor will do, although you'd have to add the HTML yourself. I
think that's a very minor issue though.
I have been hand-writing my HTML (along with throwing in JavaScript and CSS as required) for close to 20 years, so yes, that is a minor issue.
The second thing I need is a way to have multilingual content on the
same website, giving a visitor the ability to read both the English
and the translation of it (side by side or inter-lineal), so he or she
can check the quality of the translation (and perhaps give me
suggestions to help me improve my understanding of the languages I am
trying to learn. I have reached out to the Wordpress forum about this,
but it is low traffic and there has been no response yet.
Use iframes - e.g. two frames side by side. The left pulls the original
document, the right one the translation.

I am guessing that I will probably have to write my own plugin(s) to both display and edit my content, to do all I require, perhaps extending WordPress' existing editor. I wonder if such an editor can dynamically change the keyboard mapping based on the language of the document displayed in the current editor window when that window received focus? And, I guess I may have to experiment with loading free online english-'other language' dictionaries and grammars in iframes. But, don't some sites include code that prevents their pages from being loaded in an iframe (to protect copyrighted material)? I recall some experiments I did over a year ago with iframes in which some web pages just wouldn't display in my iframes no matter what I did (at least in some browsers), while my own pages did.

But, developing my own plugin(s) for Wordpress means adding PHP to the list of languages I need to master (I have only a passing acquaintance with it at present). ;-)

I was hoping that there were existing plugins for WordPress that would facilitate most or all of this, and that at least there'd be editors that facilitate translation from one language to another, with a couple suitable references open, such as to an English-'other language' dictionary and grammar. I would have thought something like this would already exist, at least in the EU (which has both a multitude of languages and a highly technically literate population). Oh well, if such a convenience doesn't exist, I guess I may make one. After all, while writing HTML is a no-brainer for me, I doubt there'd be an abundance of linguists/translators who could do so (or, rather, I'd expect that there'd be an abundance of authors/linguists/translators who don't have the proficiency with HTML to easily add their own HTML markup - and we mustn't forget educators who'd rather focus on teaching language skills or writing skills than on how to write good HTML markup - there is a need for such a tool of convenience and if I can't find one, then I must make one).


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