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Re: [opensuse] Re: Change Pulseaudio to default flat-volumes=no
On 1/30/2014 12:20 PM, Amuraritei Andrei wrote:
On Thursday 30 January 2014 21:05:01 Joachim Schrod wrote:
On 01/30/14 07:54, Amuraritei Andrei wrote:
Hello users,

I'd like to ask the users here what would they think about changing
Pulseaudio's default flat-volumes=yes to flat-volumes=no, to prevent apps
like VLC or Amarok or the sound notification popup from modyfing the
master sound level on your openSUSE distro.

So if I set master to 50% it stay's at 50% and doesn't change when I
Amarok's volume to 100% or 20% for example. That would mean that 100% from
Amarok = 50% from master.

Thanks a lot for this post; I wasn't aware that this option exists.
(For others like me: I found it in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf)
I tried it and immediately added it to our puppet configuration.

It's a much more sane default, go for it.


Seems to be a better default, still the people that develop Pulseaudio think
that the opposite is true.

We still need some more people to "voice" their opinion on this matter. Maybe
also post a little info about your audio setup.

For example: KDE 4.12.x DE using Pavucontrol and Kmix.

I already posted my audio setup. I'm asking for the info to make sure that
others that don't use KDE for example benefit or like the option also. Anyone
using Gnome or another DE or maybe a separate WM here? What do you think.

Also to get this we probably need to upvote a feature (if it still exists on
openFATE or create a new one).


I'm planning to play with this today. Its always annoyed me a little
when trying to tone down some youtube video screws up the whole music player.

I've also found those Pulse dev guys are pretty hard to deal with, probably from
years of dealing with users while their product pretty much sucked, and now that
it works pretty well they are still acting all defensive. They are no where
near as bad as the petulant Amarok divas, who will insult you for even making a
polite suggestion.

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