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Re: [opensuse] Some reason not getting my own post back.
* John Andersen <jsamyth@xxxxxxxxx> [01-24-14 16:32]:
On 1/24/2014 1:25 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
Do this once, and all subsequent posts to the list will appear in the
proper place in your mailbox, whether you use the web page or
thunderbird or what ever.

This is a hack, and it is not correct, either.

What you get is a copy of sent mail, copied into another folder. You
do not see your own email as sent by the mail list server. You do not
have a proof that your email even arrived at the list server, no proof
that it was accepted and sent to list subscriber.

I assure you it is correct.

I have a copy in sent mail if I need to have proof. I can look in the
archives if I have to have proof. And as soon as it arrives quoted,
like you just did, I have all the proof I ever need.

(In reading this list for at least 8 years I have never once been asked
for proof. What a silly concept this is Carlos, what went up your butt
today that you raise the issue of Proof?).

It works. Its been working since 8 or 10 years, not only on this list,
but every mailing list I'm subscribed to.

No, Carlos is most definitely correct!

When you post to the list using gmail/google smtp, you will not see the
return/list post from openSUSE. What you see is a cludge, your original
outgoing mail via google's smtp. It is a google ?feature? which prevents
duplicate mail in their system.

I circumvent it by posting via my own or my isp's smtp using a google
"From:" address but everyone's isp does not allow this.

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