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Re: [opensuse] Adjusting console font size
On 14-01-23 01:34 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2014-01-23 12:17 (GMT-0500) Greg Freemyer composed:

Andrey Borzenkov wrote:

On Thu, 23 Jan 2014 11:14:36 -0500 Greg Freemyer composed:

After booting, is there a way to adjust the console font size?
What console? Does the desktop make a difference? I am still struggling to learn the unix way of doing things, so I don't know if it matters whether you're using KDE or Gnome.
You will need to load different font; it is normally per-VT, so it
should not affect other users. Look in /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts for
available fonts.

Thank you, setfont /usr/share/kbd/consolefonts/<font> is just what I
was looking for.

fyi: Even with a 12x22 font there are 80 lines on the console!

There they live, but how does one apply one from there after booting has finished?
Isn't there usually a configuration file for each console in each user's home directory? I am thinking, e.g., of '.bashrc' for bash (I found one in my home directory, but haven't found one for 'root', and want to edit it to add a couple aliases I find handy).

I have not figured out how to do this for XTerm, and as it's font is too small and thin, I can't use it because I can't read it without putting my nose a couple cm from the screen.

I use Konsole, and once I start it, there is a menu at the top, which includes 'Settings'. I select the 'edit Current Profile', and can change the font and it's size on the Appearance tab. Using that, I set the font to bold 12 point, and can now read the contents of that console without eye-strain.

Or am I way off base? Are you talking about these consoles or something completely different?


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