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Re: [opensuse] How to access openSUSE server hosted in VirtualBox

Dsant <forum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> napsal(a):
Le 23/01/2014 15:53, Vojtěch Zeisek a écrit :
Thank You for straightforward howto.

Dne St 22. ledna 2014 19:00:27, Dsant napsal(a):
Le 22/01/2014 17:59, Vojtěch Zeisek a écrit :
I have VirtualBox on my notebook (running openSUSE 13.1) hosting
testing purposes openSUSE 13.1 server. I wonder how to configure
VB's and hosted's OS networking to be able to access server
services from
hosting computer. All my trials failed: I lost network on server
and I
can't connect it. I don't need to access hosted system from outer
network. Any advice? All the best,
* disable your firewalls on your Host and guest ! (or try without

* Go in the VirtualBox manager,

* Menu File, Preferences (or CTRL-G)
* "Network", then click on "+" on right
* Edit its properties, Choose your Host IP adress as
* close
It is host only network, right? No need to configure DHCP?

* right click on your virtual machine, "Settings" (or CTRL-S)
* Network, Adapter 1 : "Attached to NAT". Use it for repositories
In hosted systém I assigned DHCP to this interface. I'm not able to
from hosted server to anywhere. When I try to access some IP address,
I get
error about unreachable network, when I connect to hostname, I get
error about
unknown host. I don't know what is wrong

* Network, Adapter 2 : "Host only Adapter"

* On your Guest use "yast2 lan" to set
Static IP is set for second network interface connecting only to
host. Nice, I
can connect from the host to the server.

Ok ?
Not at all, but step forward. ;-)

Dsant, from France
All the best,

I understand, of course if you want to connect to a server behind a
you have to use "port forwarding" in "network properties" :)
Which service do you want to run ?

It isn't behind nat. On laptop moving among varous networks I run VirtualBox.
There I run testing server (mostly web services). I wish to connect to the
hosted server from hosting computer. When I set up on host-only adapter in VB
and used it as second network device in server, it works. On the hosted server
I have 2 network devices: one connected to VB'S NAT providing DHCP and so on.
Point is to use it to acces on-line repositories etc. It is default VB's
settings and in another hosted systems, it works. Second device has static IP
and is connected directly to the host. This one works.

Dsant, from France

Have a nice day,
Vojtěch Zeisek
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