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Re: [opensuse] Temp directories NOT cleared at boot (oS13.1)
On 23/01/14 08:51, Dylan wrote:
On 23/01/14 07:38, jdd wrote:
Le 23/01/2014 08:19, Dylan a écrit :

I was doing some general HD housekeeping recently, and found several
old and irrelevant files scattered through the directories under /tmp.
was surprising, since I have the "clear temp directories on boot"
option set
to "yes" in the YaST sysconfig editor module.

Is this no longer the 'correct' method to cleat the temp directories?
should I make sure that these directories do not become overloaded with
redundant files in future?


I just verify that this is still in the cron options in yast (13.1).
From memory I think I've seen some thread saying this is deprecated,
but I don't find where.

Fact is I didn't set this up (my 13.1 install is pretty fresh) and I
have only 300kb of files in /tmp, not a big deal.

may be /tmp is the next candidate for tmpsfs in ram?

I hope not - I do a lot of graphics rendering and video compositing
which generates lots of multi-megabyte temporary files which would
rapidly overload tmpfs (unless there was an extravagant swap partition,
which would have significant performance consequences...)


It's mentioned in the Release Notes. It was a change since 12.3 or 12.2. What's in YaST/Cron is no longer relevant. systemd handles cleaning of temp directories.

Still, I did find on my own 12.3 machine a while back that there were several gigabytes cluttering up temp and leaving my root partition at the limit of space remaining. Looking at a lot of those files, they were dated a long time prior and had been there longer than the 30 or 90-day default temp clearance limits. I did the stupid and crass thing of simply deleting everything and rebooting because I couldn't be bothered learning all about systemd to do it the proper way, and have had problems on this machine ever since. (I'd done the same thing previously on old installs where cron handled this and it never produced a problem, FWIW).

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