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Re: [opensuse] Spamassassin and Thunderbird
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On 21/01/14 20:30, John Andersen wrote:
On 1/21/2014 8:48 AM, Bob Williams wrote:
Long. long ago in a galaxy faraway, I used to use Spamassassin in
association with Kmail, configured using the built-in setup

Several years ago, I switched from Kmail to Thunderbird for email
collection, but I just noticed that spamd still starts up
automatically on this machine. I've also started getting more
spam here recently (must be getting through my ISPs filters) and
that started me wondering if it was possible to route my incoming
mail through spamassassin before it gets to Thunderbird. I
collect my mail from an IMAP account 'out there'.

Do I have to setup my own local IMAP server, or can Thunderbird
be configured somehow?

See my sig for system information.



It might be easier to turn on and train the junk mail filters in
Thunderbird. They can get pretty smart after period of training.

Because you rely on an imap server, you would have to either fetch
all the mail and replicate it with your own resource (mbox or
something more complex) and possibly forgo the benefit of imap.

It might be easier to use something like ISBG to prowl your IMAP
account and mark (and move) spam on the remote Imap, independent of
the delivery into Thunderbird. This is also recommended on the
Spamassassin site:

I do use the Thunderbird junk mail filters. One of my aliases seems to
be getting hit more often recently - must have found its way onto a
spammers list.

I'll take a look at ISBG, not heard of it before.


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