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Re: [opensuse] lack of space on /boot for new kernel
On 2014-01-16 13:03 (GMT-0800) John Andersen composed:

Fr David Ousley wrote:

On Thu, 16 Jan 2014 14:39:41 -0500, Felix Miata wrote:

68MB is too small for an installation that includes GFXboot, Plymouth, Grub and
Grub2. What were the other partition sizes you accepted? A
bug probably needs to be filed about this, but it needs facts to back it up.
Simply saying too small without context won't be good enough.

FWIW, on the system here, I accepted the installation suggestions which were
(omitting the remaining Windows partitions):

/boot 68 MB
/swap 2 GB
/root 20GB
/home 894 GB

Did that originate from a 12.3 installation, or was that updated from something older still, or 13.1?

Same as me, other than /boot being located on /

And a word of warning about that recommendation too.....

Root being only 20 gig can cause some problems, because that is where /tmp is
by default.
On my machine that leaves only some 8Gig free on root partition.

Most of mine, mostly for testing, are 4800MB / with no separate tmp partition, with anywhere between 5% and 60+% free. This one running 24/7 among others has these:

Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/md2 10566060 5849834 4183678 59% /
/dev/md0 9345494 6538145 2336249 74% /tmp

Note that my /tmp is home for the temp dirs for 9 Gecko profiles using 873,524,939 bytes in about 30k files.

And some things, like K3B can use a boatload of temp space. While copying some
recently the machine ran out of room on / due to multiple 4Gig iso images
laying around in /tmp.
I had to configure k3b to use temp space in a directory in my /home/[user]

I do that anyway, as I don't necessarily want the iso written to be removed when I do a copy. Some deserve being archived somewhere.

What needs to be determined is whether the fix for too small /boot for LVM installations last summer fixed this for 13.1+ for RAID as well as for LVM. Did either David's or John's installation originate with 13.1, or were they prior to the fix?

Has anyone tried letting the installer choose the size of /boot in 13.1 and been stuck with less than the 400MB suggested according to the bug?
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