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Re: [opensuse] Symbolic link
On Fri, 10 Jan 2014 12:01:10 -0800
John Andersen wrote:

On 1/10/2014 11:42 AM, A. den Oudsten wrote:
When I trie to make a symbolic link I get the message: The symbolic
link /var/run/media/FREECOM HD/........./Bad.jpg could not be made,
check permissions. In the documentation I just learned: On Linux,
the permissions of a symbolic link are not used in any operations;
the permissions are always 0777 (read, write, and execute for all
user categories), and can't be changed. Please help me further!!
Thanks in advance Andr� den Oudsten

The permissions of the symbolic link have nothing to do with your
error message.

You got this error because you tried to create this link in a
location where you did not have authority to write.

Note that creating across file systems probably is less than ideal,
especially when the source is on removable media. You end up
chaseing your tail in the future when you can't open the link.

Hi André,

John's diagnosis and suggestions are right on target (pardon the pun.)

I want to address your confusion over symbolic link permissions. The
permissions are 0777 because their role is to be 'transparent.' In
effect, it is the target's permissions that are inherited and conveyed
to users and the surrounding environment. If you stop to think about it,
the links wouldn't function properly otherwise.

It is fairly easy to familiarize yourself with the use of symbolic
links. Place some files of various types and with differing permissions
in a test directory (somewhere safe in your user space.) Then create
symbolic links to them so you can examine how they function.

hth & regards,

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