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Re: [opensuse] general thoughts on 13.1?
On 10/01/14 15:04, Peter wrote:
On 10/01/14 09:11, ellanios82 wrote:
On 01/10/2014 05:06 AM, James Knott wrote:
One issue I've noticed with both 12.x and 13.1 is occasionally, there's
something generating a lot of disk activity and pretty much locking up
the system for a few minutes.

- likewise : maybe something to do with ' kswapd ' ?


I tracked it down in the end to the Lightning component of Thunderbird.
I noticed a similar behaviour here: when I run "compact" on my inbox
folder in Thunderbird (800 MB on an MS Exchange server over IMAP), my
laptop is also heavily impacted by it (very perceptible sluggishness
during the whole operation, complete "freeze" for a couple seconds at
the end of it).

This under OpenSuSE 12.3 running on a Thinkpad T530 with 4GB RAM (but
with the NIC operating at only 100 Mbps -- perhaps this plays a role).

Not much of a problem in my case, since I only compact the folder on
request. I just thought I would mention it.

Cheers. Bye.

Ph. A.


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