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Re: [opensuse] Obscure http -> https redirection in Firefox

On 14-01-08 12:50 PM, Stefan Gofferje wrote:
On 01/08/2014 07:24 PM, Ken Schneider - openSUSE wrote:
Has the OP tried clearing the cache within firefox?
Edit:Preferences:Advanced:(Cashed and Offline data)
Of course...

I'm also not seeing any cache thing. The issue is that *whatever*
http-URL I enter for this one host, it get's "converted" to https by
Firefox. Even an URL which I just created like the /opensuse/ .
And not only when I enter the URL by hand. When I scroll up in
Thunderbird and click on the URL in
my original message, Firefox tries to open exactly the same URL just via
https. And - as I wrote, I just created it for this thread and it
doesn't exist on the https host, so it couldn't be a cache issue.

It's definitely no apache config issue because with Konqueror, I do
*not* have the same issue.


And, as Wolfgang and I both reported, we can not reproduce the problem you're reporting. Thus, it is not likely to be a bug in Firefox either. I don't know what version of Firefox Wolfgang used, but I tried both version 24 and version 26, and in both cases, they behaved as you report konqueror as behaving.

With my experience in web programming, I can write code that would reproduce what you're seeing, but I do something like that only for the purpose of tayloring the web page to the user's browser because of uneven support for HTML5 across web browsers, and a form of ip filtering (though I prefer to do that using something like mod_security). And, I may force some users to use HTTPS, even if they initially accessed the site by HTTP, because of the sensitivity of the data. but none of that applies to your case as you don't report writing such code.

Your problem is weirder, and probably much more subtle, than you initially reported. The question is, 'what is there, other than the web server and the browser, that can produce such different results for different machines running Firefox, and presumably the same machine running konqueror?'

What about you? Can you go to a different client machine and reproduce the behaviour you're reporting?


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