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[opensuse] Obscure http -> https redirection in Firefox

I'm experiencing some weird redirection with Firefox 26 on OS 12.3...

On my home server I have 2 different virtual http servers, one for http
and one for https.

I use the http host mainly for all kinds of unimportant stuff, like
making screenshots available to my ISP support and stuff. Behind the
https host lies my "intranet" with webmailer and other stuff.

Now, since shortly, if I enter any arbitrary URL on the http server,
Firefox makes it an https URL which then fails.

For example:

I can't call this URL from Firefox. Even if I email myself the URL and
click on the URL in Thunderbird, Firefox tries to open which the fails.

With Konqueror, all works as it's supposed to.

Is this a bug or yet another Mozilla-"all users are stupid and we must
protect them from their own stupidity"-function?

I do have a bookmark to in my Firefox
bookmarks, but ONLY to the home URL, not to any subdirs or pages. And
that opensuse subdir I just created now for this email...


(o_ Stefan Gofferje | SCLT, MCP, CCSA
//\ Reg'd Linux User #247167 | VCP #2263
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