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Re: [opensuse] optimizing resolv.conf
auxsvr@xxxxxxxxx said the following on 01/03/2014 02:16 AM:
ISP's servers should be the fastest with regard to network latency and quite
fast with regard to the number of queries cached. I checked the effect these
two factors have on performance with namebench some days ago, and Google's and
openDNS's name servers outperformed my ISP's servers by 70%, so the number of
users apparently has much higher effect on DNS performance than network

While I agree in broad brush terms there are a couple of other factors that matter

* Cache size
* Cache time-out/LRU flush algorithm

You can get some of the more popular domains such as google searches and the major news providers are going to be retained from sheer popularity. Perhaps they get hard-wired in :-)

But the point is that we as individuals are not going to be viewing our own use patterns as 'statistics' but as certainties.

From my POV having an old or tiny box dedicated to DNS with a couple of gigs of memory[1] with a -ing cache and a -ing long timeout will 'outperform' all of the above after a couple of days, provided I don't turn it off at night. And if its a 'berry or one off the micro-ITX boards then its taking less power than than the compact fluorescent bulb over my desk.

The point here is that with the local DNS server I have control over the cache and the cash is exactly matched to my use patterns, not that of some world wide statistical group.

[1] I can pull a old desktop from the Closet of Anxieties and load it up with a couple of sticks of old DDR2 and its close to zero cost for me.
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