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Re: [opensuse] optimizing resolv.conf
On 2014-01-03 01:51 (GMT+0100) Carlos E. R. composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

My 24/7 box is still on 11.4. Dnsmasq was not installed.

Ah, right. You can use plain bind, which by default acts as DNS cache. It
is just a bit trickier to setup.

Keyword: was. No need for bind.

Or wait till you upgrade that 11.4 to 13.1, which I'm also about to do
(both are Evergreen versions).

That is unlikely ever to happen here due to if it ever gets fixed, highly unlikely ever applied to 13.1, same reason I never downgraded to 12.1, 12.2 or 12.3 on my 24/7 box.

If I wanted to use two Google servers instead of router IP, bypassing
resolv.conf, would I put both IPs on one line, or two, and if on one,
separated how?

Two lines:


It is a very simple syntax.

Made unclear by example integral to dnsmasq.conf. :-p

I now have dnsmasq running, with the only nameserver line in resolv.conf. For now, I have one server=<OpenDNS#> and one server=<Google#> in dnsmasq.conf, which I can tweak when the mood strikes.

Now I have a mental block how to redirect adservers to the bit bucket. Is hosts still being used with dnsmasq running? My router is now no more than gateway and firewall, right? Do ad server domains need to be added to dnsmasq.conf to be most efficient?
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