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Re: TheRe: [opensuse] Kernel Repos

Am 01.01.2014 12:01, schrieb Sudhir Anand:
On Tue, 2013-12-31 at 17:59 +0100, Peter Sikorski GTL wrote:

Am 31.12.2013 09:17, schrieb Sudhir Anand:
Hi All.

There is a kernel repo. called stable standard at:

Like the name says it´s really stable.

Is it safe to use kernel from this repo? I have installed 13.1 x64 on
my computer at the moment. Has anyone used this and were there any
issues or problems?

In the moment I use Kernel 3.12.5 from this repro. No problems from the
kernel itselve B U T as the other repros don`t fit to this Kernel,
you will get problems at products that are close tokKernel like vmware
or virtual box. The minimum is that you have to compile and install

With Kind Regards.


HTH Peter

Thank you for your response.

Just to clarify one point. If I install the kernel from the stable
repo, will Virtualbox, Nvidia and similar software have to be removed
and compiled against the new kernel? I take it the kernel will not have
to be compiled?



you will only have to recomplilethe kernel itself if there are some modification you have to do on it (perhaps for some special hardware).

For software close to the kernel, there is a high chance that you remove the version you get from the repros and recompile it again the new kernel.

My recommendation is to use a kernel version ahead from the normal repros only on if you want to make some tests or get new experience or if you badly need some of the new features.
In this case you should take one new version and freeze it.
The versions in this repro change quick and for every new sub-version you may have to do the same work again.

Happy New Year
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