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Re: [opensuse] No usb automount in 12.3
Carlos E. R. said the following on 09/29/2013 10:53 AM:
On Sunday, 2013-09-29 at 10:28 -0400, Anton Aylward wrote:


I got that error yesterday with my samsung camera.

My Fuji camera 'works just fine'.
I plug it in and turn it on and get a popup offering to download with gwewnview or digikam.
Actually I ignore that and use gphotofs.

Not all cameras appear as mass storage devices.

In absolute terms cameras implement a comms protocol where as USB sticks *are* storage devices.


I would say you try other sticks.

I just worked you half a dozen, different vendors.
All the same.

I also tried running 'usbview' and get an interesting message:

Cannot open the file /proc/bus/usb/devices
Verify you have USB compiled into your kernel
have the USB core modules loaded, and have the
usbdevfs file system mounted.

As I mentioned, modprobe of usbcore and usb_storage don't seem to take. No errors, just that a subsequent lsmod shows they aren't there.

I *DO* have a line in the /etc/fstabe for usbfs and /proc/bus/usb

I'm wondering if this is a Udisk2 or a udev issue?

How long did the whining go on when KDE2 went on KDE3?

The only universal constant is change. If a species can not adapt it
goes extinct. That's the law of the universe, adapt or die.
-- Billie Walsh, May 18 2013
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