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Re: [opensuse] top reporting %mem incorrectly?
В Wed, 25 Sep 2013 10:57:59 -0400
Greg Freemyer <greg.freemyer@xxxxxxxxx> пишет:

On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 10:40 AM, Christopher Myers
<cmyers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ah cool, that makes sense, I figured that %mem was the total of all of the
memory being used, not just a subset of it.

Still though, it's odd that VBox is only using 37m of memory when it's been
running a win7 VM with 2G of memory for nearly a week; maybe it's sitting
idle enough to allow its memory to be swapped out?

Getting beyond my knowledge. You only have 2GB of swap setup and it
is barely used:

top - 08:59:14 up 5 days, 1:01, 3 users, load average: 0.38, 0.44, 0.50
Tasks: 237 total, 1 running, 235 sleeping, 0 stopped, 1 zombie
%Cpu(s): 2.6 us, 1.5 sy, 0.1 ni, 95.8 id, 0.0 wa, 0.0 hi, 0.0 si,
0.0 st
KiB Mem: 7916552 total, 6757444 used, 1159108 free, 168268 buffers
KiB Swap: 2097148 total, 37484 used, 2059664 free, 1259212 cached

A question for the group:

When a executable / shared object (library) is first launched the file
in the file system is used as the backing store and any page faults
trying to access that code causes the page to be brought in from the
file itself.

Once a code page has been paged in that way and is later swapped out,
does it go to the swap space, or is the original file still used as
the backing store?

read-only parts (code etc) are never swapped out, pages are simply
reused. read-write parts are of course swapped out if needed.


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