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Re: [opensuse] Email suggestions
On Sunday, September 22, 2013 10:16:22 PM Doug wrote:
On 09/22/2013 09:59 PM, Richard wrote:
At the risk of startng an email war: what suggestions might there be for
an email program?



A lot of people use and sort of like Thunderbird. I use it. But each
time they upgrade it--and it's on a six-week upgrade sched--they louse
up something. It has the advantage of being easily configurable by
someone who knows nothing about ports, or tcpicp, or anything else
adminish. Answer a few very simple questions and it's configured and
working. Nothing else I have looked at over the years is that simple.
It does have filters, but they have sort of loused that up--the latest
version only gives you the option of _deleting_ whatever you filter.
The problem with this is, sometimes you make a filter that has
unexpected consequences, and it filters something you'd like to read.
Well, if the only option is delete, then you can't read _anything_ you
filtered. It has had, sporadically, an aversion to sending http and
https to Firefox. There is a patch that you can run for that, but, of
course, you shouldn't have to. The latest version seems to have made
it impossible to read pdfs in Adobe Reader, and its own pdf reader
really _sucks!_ You can always download the file and then open it
in Adobe, but that's a pita. Latest release is 24.0.
I think that somewhere there is a hoard of earlier T-Bird and Firefox
software, and it might make sense to find it and install an earlier
version. YMMV.


Thanks Doug, and John for the additional vote of support. Have seen many
references to happy use of T-bird on this list, just never gave it a shot.
Perhaps the time is now.

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