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Re: [opensuse] boot menu doesn't fit
On 2013-09-23 00:27 (GMT+1000) Basil Chupin composed:

My view is that you had better get used to grub2 as quickly as possible
and don't keep looking back (just like with KDE 3).

The thing about bootloaders is they don't need upgrading when the OS has updates available. You can have dozens of bootloaders on a system, yet, many can get by with only one relatively ancient bootloader. Once you have a bootloader working, it needn't be changed. As long as the distros have symlinks to initrds and kernels, even its menu needn't be updated unless a new OS is added, symlink names are changed, or kernel/initrd host partitioning is modified.

Grub2 is here to stay

UEFI obsoletes all bootloaders. Most BIOS systems don't need Grub2 features lacking in Grub Legacy. For some it may be here to stay. For others it need never arrive.

and grub legacy will eventually disappear

Maybe once all BIOS systems are retired. It will continue to do what it does now even if yet to be released distros stop shipping it.
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