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Re: [opensuse] Improved performance with NVidia drivers
Le 22/09/2013 13:34, Carlos E. R. a écrit :

Where exactly? Those are scripts, I do not see how to _edit_ menu

I see this in "linux", that is obviously related to the menu text (see below) - but may be there are other ways.

if [ x$type != xsimple ] ; then
case $type in
title="$(gettext_printf "%s, with Linux %s (recovery mode)" "${os}" "${version}")" ;;
title="$(gettext_printf "%s, with Linux %s" "${os}" "${version}")" ;;
if [ x"$title" = x"$GRUB_ACTUAL_DEFAULT" ] || [ x"Previous Linux versions>$title" = x"$GRUB_ACTUAL_DEFAULT" ]; then
replacement_title="$(echo "Advanced options for ${OS}" | sed 's,>,>>,g')>$(echo "$title" | sed 's,>,>>,g')"

did you simply try to pess "Esc" on the menu to have the text menu (I'm not sure this is still the case)


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