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Re: [opensuse] Problem with inactive RAID1 in Verify state
  • From: Per Jessen <per@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2013 09:34:28 +0200
  • Message-id: <l1ji6f$pfl$>
MarkusGMX wrote:

I checked this: all the BIOS/UEFI Raid stuff completely wipes out the
RAID disks if you change anything. :-(
Well, it's just a cheap fake-RAID1...

You wouldn't need to _change_ anything, but you should be able to verify
the status of the array at the very least. Once your array is in a
known state, you can move on to fix it and/or figure out the boot

Finally I got Windows 7 on the SSD up again with some older Acronis
Backup. Afterwards the Intel tools under Windows made a verify and it
seems to be ok now. Under Windows the fake-RAID does not contain
important system data of Windows.

But somehow it is a bad thing that the Linux/OpenSuSE tools cannot
manage such an issue in an easy way and bring back a simple

Well, tbh, that you have any access to your RAID config with Linux tools
is an exception. mdadm happens to understand the IMSM metadata format,
but there are probably a hundred or more other fake-raids with no such
support. Anyway, I thought the problem was that you couldn't boot,
because you said earlier that you had previously used the mdadm tools
to inspect the array.

mdadm is a complicated nightmare if you are not used to
it. It's not a good thing that I have to use Windows to get a
fake-RAID1 back. :-(

You could have used Linux too, but it was presumably easier for you to
use windows instead of a Live disk or a rescue system.

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