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Re: [opensuse] KDE WM appears to have died
On Tuesday, September 17, 2013 02:42:35 PM Anton Aylward wrote:
Richard said the following on 09/17/2013 02:10 PM:
Caveat: I am not a programmer and will likely not understand programmer-
Recently, running 11.4, happily for quite some time I might add, the login
failed and I could not re-start it. Switched to another terminal but
nothing useful to me. Using startx in another terminal the return message
said to remove the /tmp/.X0-lock file and try again, which I did, to no
happiness. Not wanting to venture too far into areas I do not know or
understand, I decided to upgrade to 12.3 with the thought that that might
fix things along the way. Has not.

I now see messages suggesting issues with plastic(?) and fatal errors. I
have, however, been able to log in and work using the IceWM. I also tried
adding many files for Gnome to see if that would become an available WM.
Only got an error message for that.

Would like to get back to KDE, but would not be against a Gnome
Is there something simple I am missing (almost certainly so)? I will try
to write down more of error messages as I assume someome will want that.

Thanks for your attention and any assistance.

There is a good likelihood that the ~/.kde is ... pardon the programmer
speak for a moment .... screwed up.

The simplest way to test this is to use the command line (switch to
another terminal and log in as root) to create another new account with
a different name, the go back to the GUI login with that new ID.

My 'emergency' WM is xfce4. Yes, it uses a lot of the Gnome libraries
and utilities, but it also means I don't have to put up with Gnome itself.

> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
>>> Q: Why is top posting frowned upon?

I created a new user, password, logged out and in, and voila! success, so as
you suggest something is amiss in my primary user account. I suppose I could
start comparing files between the two, starting with the plasma files under
.kde4 but I suspect this may not be totally fruitful. Would it be workable to
just remove the plasma files and expect the system would re-create them at

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