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Re: [opensuse] what to do after zypper dup
Felix Miata said the following on 09/14/2013 11:01 AM:
On 2013-09-14 10:15 (GMT-0400) Anton Aylward composed:

Restarting the kernel needs a reboot just as installing a new kernel as
part of installing a new distribution needs a reboot. No way around



This avoids the long times associated with a full reboot

*WHAT* long times?

Then we have

the new kernel will overwrite the memory of the currently running one, while it is still executing

At the very least that means tables and pointers and the state of processes.

Thanks you, Felix, but when I do a risk assessment, the risk of annoying people with corrupted kernel tables causing lost or corrupted work vs the the risk of annoying them by asking them to logout for a reboot that will take maybe 2 minutes ... I'd go for the latter.
People will get over that more easily than they will corrupted data.

And anyway, getting back to the OP's issue: kernel updates are rarer than updates to libraries and applications.

How long did the whining go on when KDE2 went on KDE3?

The only universal constant is change. If a species can not adapt it
goes extinct. That's the law of the universe, adapt or die.
-- Billie Walsh, May 18 2013
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