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Re: [opensuse] Does chown work on directories on a NAS that uses cifs?
On Sat, 2013-09-14 at 11:37 -0400, Ted Byers wrote:
On Sat, Sep 14, 2013 at 10:48 AM, lynn <lynn@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sat, 2013-09-14 at 10:41 -0400, Ted Byers wrote:
I have traced one of my troubles to one of ownership of a directory
and it's contents. MySQL requires ownership of the data directory.
This I found out the hard way.

I ran 'sudo chown -R' on the directory in question on that NAS, but
after I did so, Linux still seems to think that root still owns the
directory and its contents. Why? And how should I fix this?

chown will work if smb.conf on the NAS allows it. Do you have access to
smb.conf for that directory on the NAS? Does the NAS have a control
panel for the samba shares maybe? Post smb.conf if you can.
L x

OK, where do I find that file. Dolphin doesn't show such a file, at
least in the directory to which the mount (in fstab) is pointing.

How does samba fit into the mix of NAS, cifs, and Suse?

Samba is what is running on the NAS. It sends files over the LAN using cifs.
You can use Dolphin under openSUSE
to view the files which are defined in smb.conf.

There is a control panel for the NAS, but I will have to reboot to get
into it (because the browser on my Windows box (which I use for
communications), is acting up).

Is there any way that you can get at /etc NAS? Can you see /etc/fstab on
the NAS? Or, failing that, does the control panel allow you to set
permissions on the shares?

L x

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