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Re: [opensuse] Re: Battery Widget in KDE
On 9/13/2013 12:43 PM, Peter wrote:
On 13/09/13 21:18, John Andersen wrote:

Also, the widget does different things when plugged in than it does when
running on battery.
When it says full charge while on the mains, unplug it, and withing a few
seconds the widget
will fall from 100% to what ever your battery can handle given its present

That's the thing though. It (the widget) was behaving like that until last
week, but twice this week when I unplugged and switched to
battery power it started at a full 100%. So it seems the widget's behaviour
has recently been changed.

For me, it takes the widget 2 to 10 seconds to jump down from 100% to the
"true" percent.
After you've done this once in any given boot, it seems to instantly jump to
the "true" percent.
This widget seems to have a bifurcated personality.

Oh, and another thing.
Upon boot up after a "full charge", (that is, charged till the charging
circuit gave and called it full)
if the battery does not approach some substantial percentage of its designed
capacity, you will get a
pop-up notification that the battery needs replacement.

Are you talking about KDE here? I'm not sure I like the sound of that. This
laptop I've got hold of may be a bit old but it was renowned in
its time for its good battery life and has the maximum 9-cell version
installed, which in theory would give about 6 hours or more of life
when new. That means that at 47% it would still be giving me around 3 hours,
which was the very most I ever got, initially, from my old
machine. So for me that's good and not worth chucking, and hence an annoying
popup on every blasted boot nagging me about it is the sort of
thing that turned me off using Windows a decade ago. That sort of bullshit
should at least be configurable in KDE. Tweaking everything to be
just right is KDE is so good at.

Hey, calm down, ;-) its a tiny pop-up that appears near the system tray, and
goes away after a few seconds.
You don't have to respond to it. Further, like I mentioned, it only happens on
first boot from power off.

I virtually never power off any more, I just suspend. The machine will several
last days on suspend, and
resume is almost instant, so why would I want to actually shut it off...

I suppose you can kill it off by hacking
~/.kde4/share/config/powerdevil.notifyrc and removing brokenbattery segment

This seems to be hardcoded for anthing less than 50% in the current version of
also here:

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