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Re: [opensuse] Re: Battery Widget in KDE
On 13/09/13 21:18, John Andersen wrote:
On 9/13/2013 2:50 AM, Peter wrote:
When I installed openSUSE and KDE with 4.11 it showed a similar reading, but
the last couple of times I've
unplugged (having just updated to 4.11.1 a week ago), it starts at a full 100%.
I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean my battery has
miraculously relearned how to recover full performance, just that either by
accident or by design a developer has modified how the state
gets shown.

What is this "IT" you refer to?
The widget? or Ksysguard?

No I meant the widget in the system tray.

Also, the widget does different things when plugged in than it does when
running on battery.
When it says full charge while on the mains, unplug it, and withing a few
seconds the widget
will fall from 100% to what ever your battery can handle given its present age.

That's the thing though. It (the widget) was behaving like that until last week, but twice this week when I unplugged and switched to battery power it started at a full 100%. So it seems the widget's behaviour has recently been changed.

See my other post in this thread.

Yes I hadn't refreshed my email folder this morning when I sent me earlier post so hadn't read all your explanations.

Oh, and another thing.
Upon boot up after a "full charge", (that is, charged till the charging circuit
gave and called it full)
if the battery does not approach some substantial percentage of its designed
capacity, you will get a
pop-up notification that the battery needs replacement.

The best mine achieves these days is about 47% of design capacity. I get the
warning every
re-boot. Seems not to re-occur on a resume, it has to be a boot from off.

The good part of all this is the batteries for older lap tops are pretty cheap
these days,
unless your laptop is really old.

Are you talking about KDE here? I'm not sure I like the sound of that. This laptop I've got hold of may be a bit old but it was renowned in its time for its good battery life and has the maximum 9-cell version installed, which in theory would give about 6 hours or more of life when new. That means that at 47% it would still be giving me around 3 hours, which was the very most I ever got, initially, from my old machine. So for me that's good and not worth chucking, and hence an annoying popup on every blasted boot nagging me about it is the sort of thing that turned me off using Windows a decade ago. That sort of bullshit should at least be configurable in KDE. Tweaking everything to be just right is KDE is so good at.
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