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Re: [opensuse] Re: Battery Widget in KDE
On 9/13/2013 2:50 AM, Peter wrote:
On 13/09/13 01:45, John Andersen wrote:> On 9/12/2013 4:42 PM, John Andersen
Where does this thing get its battery state measurements?

The widget in the taskbar as well as the plasma thingie on the desktop
32% while the battery level in KSysGuard indicates 68%.

Why would two utilities from the same release of KDE differ about the state
of the
same battery?

For the record, the KSysGuard value agrees more closely with the push-button
LDE lights on the battery itself.

I've noticed a change which may have come about with KDE 4.11.1 (I'm on the
4.11 Release repo in oS 12.3) but I can't be sure. Having just
acquired a secondhand laptop pre-loaded with Ubuntu I noted the battery does
not charge to full capacity and would typically start at around
two-thirds before draining. When I installed openSUSE and KDE with 4.11 it
showed a similar reading, but the last couple of times I've
unplugged (having just updated to 4.11.1 a week ago), it starts at a full
100%. I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean my battery has
miraculously relearned how to recover full performance, just that either by
accident or by design a developer has modified how the state
gets shown.


Oh, and another thing.
Upon boot up after a "full charge", (that is, charged till the charging circuit
gave and called it full)
if the battery does not approach some substantial percentage of its designed
capacity, you will get a
pop-up notification that the battery needs replacement.

The best mine achieves these days is about 47% of design capacity. I get the
warning every
re-boot. Seems not to re-occur on a resume, it has to be a boot from off.

The good part of all this is the batteries for older lap tops are pretty cheap
these days,
unless your laptop is really old.

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