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Re: [opensuse] auto spin-down of unplugged USB drive
В Fri, 13 Sep 2013 17:27:10 +0200
Peter <gumb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> пишет:

A laptop I acquired had Ubuntu already installed, and when playing about
with that I found that my external 2.5in IDE hard drive, attached via
USB, would spin down and its light extinguish when unmounting it, which
was quite nifty.

Does it actually unmount or performs "safe remove"? I would be
surprised if unmount did it; I rather think that Ubintu hides "safe
remove" behind "unmount".

In openSUSE, however, across multiple distro versions and machines, on
unmounting the device, it remains powered and spinning. Even when I
suspend to RAM for the night, although the disk light goes off I can
still faintly hear it spinning. I presume this is desktop-agnostic
behaviour since the same occurs in both KDE and XFCE. It means I would
need to shut down the computer to truly bring the spining to a halt
before moving the drive to another machine, which I do a lot.

Is there any simple policy that I can adjust somewhere to change this,
without delving into tedious configs?

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