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Re: [opensuse] copying files to USB flashdisk in alphabeticalorder
2013. szeptember 10. 13:10 napon "Carlos E. R." <robin.listas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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On Monday, 2013-09-09 at 17:24 -0700, John M Andersen wrote:

*Often it'll work like this:

1) Erase the card
2) Copy files a, b and c to the card, in alphabetical order
3) Erase b
4) Copy d, e and f to the card, in alphabetical order
5) The card now has directory order a, d, c, e, f

Confirms my suspicion that the card is really reporting arrival order.

That's a FAT characteristic. The software in the player may not implement
sorted directory listing (f.i., they use findfirst, findnext in msdos).

I too had a fairly brainded mp3 player that acted this way.
Nuke and reload seemed to work.

My MP3 player plays the files in the order of their file-ID
which are given to the files when they recorded on the card.
This ID is independent from the file name, it is similar to
ext3's inodes. I forgot how this ID is called exactly.

Fast format should be enough.

Previously this command worked without any formatting.

Furthermore as I wrote in another answer, if I look
how the files are appearing on the card, they are appearing
randomly, not in alphabetical order (during the copy process).

Does not this indicate that the files are sent randomly to the card?

Nevertheless I will format the card to see if it fixes the issue.



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