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Re: [opensuse] KMail on 12.3
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On 27/08/13 17:50, Anton Aylward wrote:
Bob Williams said the following on 08/27/2013 11:25 AM:
On 27/08/13 14:40, Carlos E. R. wrote:
Likewise, thunderbird does not offer to do body text searches.

I'm using Thunderbird 17.0.8 on an IMAP account and can state
that it does do body text searches of email messages.


Which search box? There's one that appears when you click 'quick
filter'. Is that what you mean?

It's to the right of the Quick Filter button, on the same tool bar.
The box contains the word 'Search...' followed by the shortcut
<Ctrl+K> and a binocular icon

There's edit->find and edit->find->search messages which brings up
a whole new dialog window

No, not that one

I don't see putting 'rsync' in any of them doing what you say.

I chose 'rsync' as a bit of random text to search for that I knew
would produce a result here. Maybe I should have chosen 'foo-bar'.

I do see a capability in Firefox where I can search bing or google
or yahoo for 'rsync'.

Could you please expand on your explanation. Are you usign a

I do use plugins, but I don't think this functionality is provided by
any of the ones currently installed here:

Adblock Plus
Folder Account
Provider for Google Calendar
Quote Highlight

And it also works when reading newsgroups.

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Bob Williams
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