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[opensuse] Where to file the bug report
I have a bug that is so odd, I have no idea who to blame, or where to file the
bug report:


If I sleep my laptop (suspend to ram, not to disk) and awaken it some time
later, dragging a window around is sluggish, the window will lag far behind
the cursor.

This will persist for as long as I care to wait.

If I press Ctrl+P (the shortcut to toggel desktop effects off, wait just about
10 seconds (you can tell when the change has taken effect by watching the KDE
taskbar), the press Ctrl+P again to turn the bling back on, everything is
back to normal and the speed and responsiveness is virtually indistinguishable
with effects on vs off.

This happens ONLY after awakening from suspend to ram.

---The environment:
OpenSuse 12.3 with the following upgrades:
Xorg from:
KDE4.11 from:
Core 2 Duo machine with a ATI Radeon Mobility x1400 card supported by the
community drivers.

---This space for rent---
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