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Re: [opensuse] DHCP server, VLAN and subnets
Andrey Borzenkov wrote:
This should just work assuming that your VLANs are indeed physically
separate and client and server each has interface in new VLAN and DHCP
server is configured to serve it. But you did not provide any
information about network topology nor network configuration of client
and server. From your post it is not even clear where DHCP server runs,
which DHCP server it is etc.

Show and explain your network topology for a start.

The whole point of VLANs is they're not physically separate. They share
the same switches and cables with other VLANs. For example, I have set
up networks with VoIP phones on a different VLAN. The phones are on the
same switch as computers and, in fact, VoIP phones have a built in
switch for the computer. This means the computer and phone are sharing
the same cable and switch port. The phones are on their own VLAN so
that priority can be applied to their data and also to keep the phone
network away from "curious" users. On large networks, there is often a
management VLAN, where the hardware can be managed away from users.

As for my own network, I have , as shown in an earlier post, my default
route to the Internet is on eth0 and the local LAN on eth2, with the
VLAN eth2.5. VLANs are shown with a decimal number on the physical
interface number.

Regardless, a DHCP server, with mulitple address pools and subnets
should not be handing out address that do not match the subnet they're
sent on.

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